Closed Captioning Rates

We understand the value of language and what it means to comprehend text. At All Choice California, we offer affordable online translation services rates for clients across California, and worldwide.

Our closed captioning rates are offered for over 50 major languages. The closed captioning price for English is $1.00 per minute of video, and only $7.00 for other languages. Our online closed captioning rates (pricing very efficient services) have a minimum order of $50 only, including the transcription service !

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Closed Captioning Services Rates

Our amazing online closed captioning services is your practical top choice! The closed captioning rates are downright budget-friendly.


Included with the online closed captioning rates service, you get the advantage of at least 98% accuracy. We deliver rush and super rush, with reasonable variation on closed captioning prices. We support standard and customized formats 24/7.

For clients in the UK, Australia, and US, we offer a toll free number for easy access to our services, and a call back option. You may simply upload a file, pay online, and receive results via email. We also offer live chat and a quote for free.


Simple upload process. Get a free quote . Pay online and get output by email.

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